Explore the 2018 Vapor Trail 125 course!

The course for the 14th Annual Vapor Trail 125 will hopefully return to the 2010-2015 course using the Alpine Tunnel/Altman Pass!

In 2016 we had to route over Hancock Pass because of road damage on the west side of the divide. We have asked to be able to use Altman Pass again as the event has used every other year since 2005, and the decision will depend on whether the road is fixed by the day of the event. We’re working on it!

We’ve broken up the very large, dispersed, rugged and beautiful Vapor Trail 125 race course for 2018 into 10 sections so that you can analyze and think about them, visit them, or plan for your own ride.

Also, a 7-stage description of the sequence of events–course milestones between aid stations. Read it here.

Want a GPX track file of the course to load into your GPS to help you follow it? We have one here: (vapor2012route.gpx). If you’d like some really good instructions on how to load data to GPS units, go to http://topofusion.com/tutorials/uploading-tracks.php courtesy of TopoFusion, the premier mapping/GPS software in the world, and the official mapping software of the Vapor Trail 125.

Here’s a GPX of the 2016 (and likely 2017) course using Hancock Pass. here: (vapor2016route.gpx). Hopefully we’ll be back to Alpine Tunnel this year!


The course is broken up into 9 sections, each has topo, elevation profile, and narrative description.

SECTION 1: Start to Colorado Trail

SECTION 2: Colorado Trail, Blanks Cabin to Cascade Campground

SECTION 3: Cascade CG to Alpine Tunnel

SECTION 4: Alpine Tunnel to bottom of Old Monarch Pass road

SECTION 5: Climb to Old Monarch Pass

SECTION 6: Continental Divide Trail – Monarch Crest to Marshall Pass

SECTION 7: Marshall Pass to Starvation Creek Tr to Rainbow Trail

SECTION 8: Rainbow Trail western terminus to US285

SECTION 9: Rainbow-US285 intersection to Salida