Because this event is very unique and extremely difficult, we have a special process that must be followed to gain access to the Start line.

If you would like to participate, please send an email to contact at vaportrail125 dot com with a written intent to toe the start line of the VT125. You must send us a list of the bike races, big rides, adventure rides, etc that you have completed. Keep in mind, recent experience is going to be more relevant than races from years ago. Convince us that you’ve done things that are at least nearly as hard as the Vapor Trail 125.

If you have the proven street cred to participate we will reply back to you by email. Please note that the entry fee for the 2017 Vapor Trail 125 is $150. The fee is non-refundable, and your paid entry cannot be transferred to someone else. If you’re not completely sure that you want to participate, and you can’t afford to lose your entry fee, you probably shouldn’t register for the event.

Lastly, all proceeds 100% go to Salida Mountain Trails.  Your entry fee 100% supports the building of and maintenance of the trails in and around the Salida, Colorado area.