Vapor Trail 125 Section 6
Miles10.48 (mile 75 through 85.5)
Elevation Start11,380
Elevation End10,800
CharacterBeautiful flowing singletrack. Nirvana. Valhalla. Shangri-La.

The Continental Divide Trail makes its way down the rooftop of North America, showing its travellers a unique view of a rugged place. Much of the CDT is rugged. This section, while rugged by some standards, is oh, so rideable. People travel from all over the world to ride this chunk of trail.

There is work to be done, as the elevation profile shows. This is up and down singletrack. It’s ALL over 11,000 feet. Pack your eyes full of pretty, fill your lungs with thin air, smile, and ride. It just don’t GIT no better than this!

The Continental Divide Trail crosses US 50 at Monarch Pass. The 3rd Vapor Trail Aid Station will be there, and this is where the race organizers will make drop bags available.